Today, the 6th day. The day of Restoration

If you would know words of prophecy; know these.

Dear Viewer;

I don't purport to know everything, but these things I do know.

I address all as Educators (especially Parents);

There is an odious (evil) dichotomy (contradiction) which exists in the global knowledge dissemination (Educational) System. Throughout the world in most all nations, there are institutions which teach in the areas of peace, providing EDUCATION in industries and professions which provide service to humanity, education, health, conservation of natural resources; and…

AT THE SAME TIME, there are institutions which teach children in the strategies of competition, war (even guidance through various media outlets, through games and movies, portraying and describing some things like fighting and killing others as FUN and entertaining); institutes providing education in manufacturing of products and services which promote exploitation of human lives; education in industries where there is the exploitation of natural resources; institutes continuing to teach failed economic methodology and development of financial strategies which enhance class distinctions; derisive politics, and the like.

(Unfortunately, it is a little confusing because there appears to be bad in both sides of this educational institute spectrum, and both the good and the bad are taught in many institutions; and in doing so, even the pure in heart become tainted.)

What is society to do; teach everything and hope it all works out in the end???? All this dichotomy does is to cause ALL children to be funneled into OPPOSING FACTIONS. Two children who may play together at home or at school, only doors or even miles apart; one becomes a politician who advocates war out of their own irrational fear or greed or simply because of something they learned, the other becomes a surgeon in the battlefield, repairing those harmed by war. These are just a few ways and results of the current “educated” system.

How is this to work exactly to bring peace and justice, or resolve any social dysfunction? Given that the same business and government processes that were used hundreds of years ago (even thousands), are currently being used (even if only modified to suit technology), how much longer would achieving peace take under the circumstances!!!?

In regards to those whose PROFESSIONAL responsibility, is supposedly the mental health and wellbeing of all humans; what has psychology accomplished since inception into academics, except to provide “educated” guesses to solve matters? “Educated,” they do not speak up so as to be heard by all, in determining what external influences contribute to ongoing distress and corruption. Is their responsibility simply to medicate, and provide coping mechanisms, teaching only the ways to make people complacent in accepting the surroundings as acceptable and right, when these things are VERY WRONG?

Is it even possible for those currently leading or running for office (in any country) or those sitting in corporate boardrooms to accomplish anything they promise, under the burden of this massive discrepancy; NO. They lie; yet they promise they are knowledgeable enough to fix things or make things better. IT IS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN through anything the leaders put into place!! It will happen only when certain things are REMOVED from society, starting with clean state with nothing written upon it, as is a child when they enter this world.

Every war which occurs, every division created, every compromise to human life is from the successes of the leaders in what they have put into place over thousands of years. Hasn't it been the "educated" LEADERS doing the leading, MAKING THE DECISIONS, CREATING THE PROCESSES?

Has it ever been the general populace which has clamored for the leaders to go to war? Has it ever been that the general populace which has asked for the leaders to leave a failed economic system in place so that the general populace can experience its debilitating and harmful effects on their lives; while the wealthier go mostly unscathed? In this regard you have been left to think the glass is half full, when in reality it is half empty. In other words, this is what they want you to do: go back to sleep and let them do the leading and you just continue to see the positives of their actions and not focus on the negatives (which they get away with time and time again).

How has this educational dichotomy NOT been noticed by the multitude of "educated" and religious spiritual guides that have set themselves up as mankind's mentors? (It has, but has been ignored, because it creates jobs, providing profits to businesses, where none should be.) But, teach more and more and more, and teach it ALL well, is what the leaders of education, business, and government (and by default - the religions) would have you believe is the path to peace and posterity?!

With all the teaching going on, why hasn't peace and posterity happened yet? I am not talking about your own particular posterity; but the SAFETY AND POSTERITY of others, those whose lives are in the hands of compromised "educated" individuals. Society acts like there can be no compromised "educated" process; treating it as if coming from some educated person and endorsed by other educated people so it must be good. Be discerning. There is a difference between going to war and wanting to simply be safe and achieving the safety does not mean you have to go to war, just because that's what some "educated" person said you should do.

Why isn't there an “educate” outcry gone TO the leaders, or FROM the leaders, to ask for changes? Is Mankind a species going anywhere soon off this planet, that man should remain at war in any way, shape, or form with one another? How does one honor God under such conditions?

If the truth ONLY is not taught; why teach anything at all?

Under the circumstances of the above, how is change to happen?

It will happen when parents love OTHER PARENT'S CHILDREN as much as they love their own children (as much as God loves ALL his children EQUALLY); such that they protect their own children, THROUGH protecting other children. If Parents don't do what they are suppose to do; will anything be accomplished?

What exactly turns a sweet loving child who'd share all their possessions and would play unconditionally with one another, into a person who thinks only of themselves; one who may be polluting themselves with all manner compromise, fornication, possessions, and entitlements to the exclusion or harm of others, IF IT IS NOT IN SOMETHING IN WHAT THEY WERE TAUGHT, ONE WAY OR ANOTHER? Start with these few simple words strung together, seemingly harmless, but deadly, "Compete in the world." Where in the word 'compete' is there peace?

Simply by the lack of a few words of discernment and edification from “educated” leaders of all professions, all parents have been conditioned to educate their children to the fact that they are going to have to "compete in the world." And all people have been children; even if they have forgotten it. This is one word 'compete' you will not find on the Tree of Life in human cooperation. This one word 'compete' is the catalyst of corruption and division where none should be.

This is what is to be understood in the scripture, that “a child shall lead them.” When you protect the interest of a (all) children (AT ANY AGE), it then makes the child as doing the leading. In (this) weakness, there is strength. You, the parent must NOT let ANY child learn war AND OTHER THINGS (raise up a child in the way they should go - making them a disciple), to prevent war (and the other things) from being inflicted on them in turn, later. You, the parents will unite if anything is to be accomplished; and not let those who protect their own children, decide what is second best for your child.

The first common purpose key: The army of change to come upon the earth is the army of parents who unite under the cause of 'Protecting the lives of ALL children, now and to come.' (This is wisdom: Everything created in the heavens and upon earth is BUILT (stands) upon principles as having a surface on which to begin the building; and principles consist of words.)

This is the spiritual battleground of Armageddon; THE PLACE (of principles) where you will make a stand; and lay down your selfish (fish as in being a creature in the sea of humanity) life, for the life of the children to come. This sea (of humanity) will dry up and become no more; and every person will become the upright example who will rise up to greater heights.

Teaching the truth: This is the spiritual battle place mankind will prove itself. You will come to see there, parents who will no longer support (buy or buy into) or accept the compromises and products their raised children have created; there will be parents spiritually there who will refuse to let their children be taught compromised ways and lies. These will be those who in the Spirit of Truth, desire to see righteousness and peace dwell upon the earth for others, as well as themselves.

As it is now, when an individual simply quantifies themselves as leader (boss, supervisor, and any other title) of government, business, enterprise, religion, they will not come together for the purpose of peace and cannot do this, because they think themselves as piloting diverse enterprises to bring their ships of wealth from distant shores to serve their ways; the ways not serving all.

But, being the same individual, but having the title of 'parent' and as having thoughts of someone they are actually responsible to, it is possible to come together; because, children, they are the same; and need only the same things. This will be your cry to your leaders; that YOU may become the victors; and NOT those who currently lead - those whose spiritual interests is in their immediate gratifications, diversions, exploitations of the earth and all the wisdom of its products and methods that are within it.

Presently, what the historians of the future looking back on this time will see and write about is how the leaders (and parents) were ignoble in letting the educational dichotomy continue to undermine the wellbeing of others; when you were but a child, and is still now being inflicted upon you or your children. Is this the future you envisioned when you were but a child playing? You didn't have a view of the future, because what you saw and experienced as a child is what you were to have experienced as an adult.

What is seen from the heavens is NOT making "disciples of the (from) nations," but individual disciples (children), causing divisions by coming together for their individual purposes, becoming corporations, institutions, hierarchies, dynasties. A 'disciple' is singular, individual, personal; a nation, corporation, and so on, is vast, impersonal, distant, remote. You study the Word, but seem at a lost as to the understandings.

MANY heinous lies and compromises have been perpetrated upon mankind through the gradual conditioning of society, causing people to believe that what the leaders and media gods says is the best for society. The leaders in all areas have been neutralizing words (like competition) to make them sound innocent or less caustic, and wait and poise themselves for the next reactionary action to come about; rather than to take an actual stance on something they know as ‘educated’ beings, to be wrong. Do they talk of peace? They talk of creating jobs as if that will bring peace; and convince you to do the same.

When the leader of a country or business thinks enough to protect the lives of other children, as they work to protect their own, then there will be change. But, do they protect; NO. Why haven't the spouses of business and government leaders, gone to their spouses and asked that the lives of the children of their followers be considered in their decision making? The leaders of business and government (who have children of their own, in competition for their OWN wealth and security) commit acts of war against each other to gain power to protect themselves and their children; and put other parents' children in harms way, and give them worthless honor and medals for giving up their lives. Do those who have died care about the medals they or their family have received; or does God care that a piece of metal is given to a person; a person who may have laid down their life for a despot in power; but not for a child being sexually ravaged or exploited by some foreign business or government person? But that is what is being done; honor is given to people who protected the life of a person who has forgotten what it is like to be a child, a person that feels they need to be at war to get what they ONLY THINK THEY NEED, or deserve, like their own safety, position, stature, and wealth.

Leaders don't care about things, except for leaders; as can be seen in allowing FAILED systems (political, economic) CONTINUE to rule and dominate this world causing upheaval time and time again; and you should be outraged; but you are NOT!!!! Really; you believe a political move, or a new product, or new jobs, are going to somehow improve life, or establish the Kingdom of God upon the earth????? And consider the millions who worship; the thousands upon thousand of non-profits and ministries, the government agencies dedicated solely to humanities welfare, the hundreds of consulting agencies and think tanks, have they changed anything to date, yet? What has "higher" education done for them that they should fail so greatly these many years?

So gather you shall in these days; or does it take your children doing it, for it to get done? It will NOT be the next generation to do it; it will begin NOW with you.

But as has been seen, something happens to all people when they walk out their door and go to work; the needs of the children are forgotten, for the adults to play their game of me, me, me. It's all (earning a living anyway you can) business; and none of God's business; God's business being the life of every man, woman, and child. Such has been the conditioning of society by Satan; and judgment upon men.

I hand the second Common Purpose Key to it all, to you. Read Rev 17:16 and 17. In coming together in principle, you will turn your backs upon the perpetrator of man's miseries, the ways of the harlot; and all those whom Satan controls through her enticements; the ways of: "I have something others want, and I will use whatever way I can to get what I want in return"; and this exploitation through capitalism will cease to exist.

Do the natural resources of the planet, as well as knowledge, belong to all the species over the entire life of the planet or to a select group of entities using those things for their own gain (securing their place to the harm and exclusion of others)?

A new system will be created which satisfies the basic needs of every man, woman, and child of every nation now and to come. It shall be written by parents and then leaders will be established to FOLLOW what is written for all concerned, and every person will become the example. And those who have given up much already in terms of the misery heaped upon them, will be those who are lifted up; and those who have entitled themselves to more, will find themselves able to live without the stench of dishonor when shedding themselves of their misconceived perceptions and polluting entitlements (the sty).

Those presently servicing the ways of the harlot would have you believe that, you can live in a country which purports to call for EQUALITY in the entire citizenship; yet you are to live by an economic system that does not serve everyone equally?! Why has there not been an outcry over this burdensome dichotomy? How does setting up an organization of any kind, having the corporate structure and the rewards system of this world, resolve any problem? Does it not only continue to teach capitalism and distinctions where none should be? And how exactly does living such a DICHOTOMY work toward elimination of any social woe? This will be resolved once and for all. This too is what you will destroy (put aside and never teach again) - every dichotomy with divides.

Few people understand that the simple misplaced perception like Adam and Eve had, are much like the round-about arguments which take place in forums and in daily lives; and is exactly what Satan enjoys seeing happen, Even the spiritually blessed have become entangled in moot points; and ideological practices that don’t satisfy because nobody can agree upon the ONLY ones; hence the religious factions observed from the heavens today. Adam and Eve had only knowledge, regard, and a relationship with God, until the stupid mistake. Even Adam and Eve, two people, were NOT divided against themselves in principle (each other). Satan knew this; and corrupted them; and Satan himself, in being created in God’s (invisible) image (as is mankind) knew where and how far divisions of any nature would take people further and further away from God…even into derisive religion which cannot appease God. You likewise were created in God’s image, and you demean yourself when you let the likes of Satan (who has NO MORE power than you), rule in principles over you; confusing you day in, day out. And this in light of it being said "Resist the devil and he will flee."

Nebecanezzar stood on a wall, surveying; and gave himself credit for where he stood; as do the likes of people entrenched in the flesh. God removed God's Spirit from Nebecanezzar, and Nebecanezzar became as an animal for a time. That is what man is without God's (invisible) Spirit - man is just another animal. Those who deny God within themselves, let the spirit of the animal guide (if not crucifying the deeds of the flesh); and will be judged accordingly. The Spirit of God (the invisible words of spiritual characteristics, like love, honor, respect, truth, compassion) within you knows if you are doing what is truly righteous; and so you are judged. Use the Spirit God has given you, His Spirit, to do what is right and honorable in God's sight, and God will uphold you.

Talk to one another about the actual needs of the children; just as God considers your needs as His children. And He has only established that forgiveness is KEY, to taking the next step. You are forgiven; but it does not negate your responsibilities given your position as parent; and by your position, and your judgments upon others, YOU will be judged.

And, if you would be discerning of these times, consider this: How much God's WORD means to God; it is EVERYTHING.

Again, if the truth ONLY is not taught; why teach anything at all?

What is the likelihood that Satan is so stupid so as set up himself up in his kingdom on earth making it visible to people thus beginning the events of his own downfall? It is someone else who begins the events: Of one beast it was said “Who is like the beast and who can wage war with HIM?” Of Satan it was said "Resist the devil and he will flee." Can these two, be the same one? No.

Of 666, it is nothing more than the number of Words describing UNGODLY CHARACTERISTICS (anti-Christ words), which God has assigned to Satan, like lewd, liar, heinous, compromised, fornicator, evil, vile, loathsome, slothful, manipulative, philanderer, gossip, deceptive, withholding of the truth, and so on. Any person (parent and children) committing acts of these nature - having one, ten, 537 or any number of the character qualities - is as having the (one or more of the) names (Are not names, WORDS?) and number of the beast; and are as numbered along with Satan, even if they don't have all of the 666 which Satan has. Is it not written that the 144,000 have a name (word) written upon them? Did I not mention WORDS of God's and your spiritual (likeness) characteristics, like love, honor, respect, truth, compassion, above, as qualities YOU POSSESS in being created in God's (invisible) image? You are numbered and named one way or another. And if the average person has only 3000 thoughts a day consisting of WORDS, how many of those thoughts (WORDS) are spent honoring God for your wisdom and understanding of the truths written here?

You shall know them by their fruits - these fruits are the words they use to accomplish their own particular objectives from the cultivations of their particular 3000 average daily thoughts. And now you know mine.

I know I speak as a beast; but at the least, I speak to change matters, whereas you have not; and all this in light that you have taken greater position, MORE VOICE, than I, in this world. You have become complacent in comforts heaped upon you, and those you have gathered for yourself. You are distracted by the rhetoric of simply having a job that looks more important than it actually accomplishes in resolving a social woe.

Today is the 6th Day of the Creation, the Day of Restoration of mankind to God. You will make amends as is implied and stated above and resolve the issues as indicated above. And to start you will pass this message on to others; leaving my signature upon it as author.

You will also use your voice to God’s glory in this matter; using these words of education written here to convey a message of change to others as I am doing, so that you will not be alone in seeing change come about. Many will get their hands dirty cleaning up the filth of this ungodly world; better is it to clean up with the hands; rather than to pollute with the spirit. The time is now. Blessed are those who die in the Lord right now, for their deeds (what you do now) follow (judge in the end) them.

You have been given words of Prophecy; use them, that there may come an end to Prophecy.

Test me; by not involving yourself in communicating the truth of these things onto others; and your part will be removed from you and given to others who will acknowledge the truth, and work toward that end. And you will begin doing these things NOW, to fulfill prophecy. You should know and understand this: Names CAN BE REMOVED FROM THE BOOK OF LIFE – Revelation 3:5.

Take the Common Purpose Key called Equity, and remove and LOCK AWAY from humanity, EVERYTHING that does NOT serve EVERY child equitably; and you will see the side of the door you are standing on leads to heaven. Remove these things from your presence and in doing so you will see the Tree of Life become visible (understandable) before you.

If you would know more of related things, or what to say to your leaders and to one another, I will send through e-mail (in the body of the return message, not as an attachment) a small book titled "Today, the 6th Day, the Day of Restoration. Just ask; there is no obligation or cost upon your part.

This is no one person's intellectual property. If there is discernment to be understood here, it is in that YOU applied your discernment capabilities to something which is nothing more than an image created by light waves reflecting off a surface entering into your eyes; and the transformed image travels the neural pathways to your mind, where you as an unseen entity yourself in being created in God’s unseen image, place values on the image in totality, and on its components and on the uncaring inanimate keystrokes, each according to your desire to do so.


So be it.

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